ual: chaplaincy

There are two Anglican chaplains in the University of the Arts London: William Whitcombe (Lead Chaplain) and Mark Dean. William is located at Central Services High Holborn, London College of Fashion, and London College of Communication. Mark is based at Central St Martins, Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon colleges. Our primary role is to offer pastoral and spiritual care to students and staff, and to organise events and activities in relation to faith, spirituality, and the arts.

We are happy to talk with you about anything you like. We are here for everyone, including people of all faiths, atheists, and the unaligned. We believe that prayer, healing and creativity come from the same source, yet are expressed and made manifest in many different ways. As Church of England priests, we draw from the rich resources of the Anglican tradition, interpreting these in contemporary contexts; in this way we seek to serve the needs of the varied individuals and communities that make up the University.

There is at present no dedicated chaplaincy space in UAL. This might place chaplains at the edge of the University, and in one sense, this is true: Chaplaincy is an edgy kind of role, because we seek to deal with edgy kinds of issues. But it also means that the chaplains need to place themselves at the centre of the University wherever students and staff congregate. We seek to be accessible to all, and we wear special collars so that we can be seen.